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Classic & Volume Collection

The must-haves training materials for foundation and volume courses are coming to Australia!

Partnered with SINLASH from the United Kingdom, we are proud to introduce to you the new and improved lash training materials exclusive to Posh Deluxe!

Introductory prices will be available in the first week. So make sure you sign up for the updates so we can notify you once they become available.

Best Selling Products!


CatFight Lash Championship Online

CatFight #5-7 has been created by the organizers Hanna Babanakava and Paola Darcera to reveal the most talented lash artists from around the Globe from the comfort of their homes! No more worries about getting a lash model! There are trophies and prizes to be given away from our sponsors. All winners will be published in The Lash Global Magazine. We hope you will enjoy playing CFC with us! And let the strongest contestant win!

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“Just to let you know, I’ve fallen in love with Dark Matter!”

“Special thanks for superfast delivery and the little extra gift!”

“We’re using Posh Deluxe lashes – just love the beautiful fans”

World-renowned eyelash artist, Paola Darcera, has carefully gathered quality ranges from around the world into the Posh Deluxe shop. Through her first-hand experience she knows how to select the best quality lashes, tools and products to help all users work smoothly and get best results.

Her focus is on Quality and Best Value Products to help salons produce enticing eyelash extensions