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Dumont 7SP Volume Eyelash Extensions Tweezers (Hand-Tested)$109.95 AUD

  1. All tweezers have been cleaned very well and will arrive at yours, nice and clean!
  2. All tweezers have been hand-tested by Paola multiple times to give you an amazing peace of mind with every purchase!
  3. Classic Tweezers & Volumes Tweezers will be shipped together with a box (packaging).
  4. Photos are provided to show how to hold them properly.
  5. Every volume tweezers will be hand-tested again and videos will be taken before shipment.
  6. All tweezers are hand-made, so you have to find the right sweet spot for each one of them as they have some differences from each other.

In stock


The best selling high-quality medical precision eyelash extensions volume tweezers of all times are here!

  • All tweezers are hand-tested and have serial numbers on them to make sure you have got right tweezers that have been hand-tested to pick up a 0.05 6D to 8D fans, using the Posh Deluxe’s Volume High-Quality Silk Lashes.
  • These tweezers are highly recommended for experienced eyelash technician only.
  • Each one of them has their own sweet spots.
  • Please be advised that some fanning techniques are not suitable for these type of tweezers where you may need to adjust your way of making volume fans.
  • These tweezers are also highly recommended for light pressure pick up as it won’t need that much effort to pinch harder to get a beautiful fan.
  • You will immediately feel the difference as soon as you take it in hand, thanks to its lightweight and extra thin tip.

Additional information about Inox 08:

  1. Hardness (Approximate): 169 Vickers / 85 Rockwell B
  2. Anti-Magnetic: No
  3. Anti-Corrosive: Excellent
  4. Anti-Rust: Yes
  5. Heat Resistance: 400°C
  6. Autoclave: 180°C
  7. Composition: C, Mn, Cr, Mo,V

Made in Switzerland