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Introducing Limited Black Cat Tweezers Collection!

London Lashcrafted with precision high quality tweezers are now available in a cute black cat design in a black colour. Choose from:

  • Black Cat Multifunctional Tweezers have an extremely precise tip which makes them great forisolation as well as small2D-3D volume fan creation. Angled tip helps you isolate the natural lash easily, without having to put any pressure on the isolation hand which can be a cause of chemical burn.
  • Black Cat Curved tweezers areperfect for both, isolation and for application of single eyelash extensions. The curved tip helps you to isolate the natural lashes much quicker, even when it comes to short lashes!
  • Black Cat Straight tweezers are ergonomically designed toperfectly isolate each natural lash and prevent those dreaded stickies! The ultra fine tips help you get to the finest and smallest lashes in the inner corners without breaking the sweat!
  • Black Cat Fine Tip Volume Tweezers are featuring the favourite and best selling design of volume tweezers! Thin tip and strong grip will allow you to make the perfect fans using multiple volume techniques.
  • Black Cat Volume Tweezers have a slightly thicker tip of the tweezers with a softer angle and are suitable for multiple volume techniques.


  • Autoclave and barbicide resistant
  • Material: durable stainless steel



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