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Is there anything harder than lashing in the hot, humid summertime weather? Lashes popping off left and right, adhesive curing is completely out of control, and retention is out the window! Worse, your clients think you’re the one who’s lost your edge! What’s to be done?

Get yourself a bottle of Dark Matter Pro, that’s what! This is the lash adhesive the whole lash industry can’t stop talking about! And for good reason(s):

Dark Matter Pro bonds in less than a second in virtually any temperature and humidity.

The oil-resistant formula guarantees that your clients will be completely astounded by — to quote one of our reviewers— the “totally bomb retention.”

The low-fume, medical-grade adhesive used in Dark Matter Pro means there’s a low risk of allergies and irritation. Our formula is fortified with nourishing castor oil to strengthen your client’s natural lashes.

And Dark Matter Pro is good for your business in other ways, too! Each glue dot can be used for up to 5 hours so you won’t have to worry about freshening up your glue every 30 minutes! And the formula in the bottle doesn’t degrade over time: each bottle lasts for 3 months after opening and is literally good to the last drop!

  • Bonds in less than a second (0.5 sec)
  • Lash more efficiently — one glue drop lasts up to 5 hours!
  • Literally good to the last drop: formula doesn’t degrade over time
  • One bottle stays fresh up to 3 months after opening
  • Low-fume, medical-grade adhesive = low risk of allergies and irritation
  • Cures in virtually any temperature and humidity
  • The oil-resistant formula guarantees clients will be astounded by the incredible retention
  • Fortified with nourishing castor oil

So how did we do it? How did we create a lash adhesive that will work in any humidity at any temperature? It’s all about the purity of medical-grade cyanoacrylate that is used in Dark Matter Pro, which is fortified with ultra-nourishing castor oil. In fact, we use the same medical-grade cyanoacrylate that is used in surgical wound adhesives!

In general, the lower the temperature/humidity, the longer the glue drop will remain fresh. Tests have shown that Dark Matter Pro is effective in all humidities from 10% to 80%. As far as temperature, Dark Matter Pro will perform optimally in temperatures from 16°C to 39°C (61°F to 102°F).

While Dark Matter Pro sets very quickly, it won’t dry out on your lash plate or lose its stickiness. A dot of Dark Matter Pro glue can be used for up to 5 hours. Dark Matter Pro empowers lash artists to lash more efficiently because there’s no need to refresh your glue dot every 30 minutes. Dark Matter Pro is more economical because a bottle will last 3-10 times longer than other bottles of lash adhesives, especially because the quality of Dark Matter Pro in the bottle doesn’t degrade.

Dark Matter Pro is made in the EU in accordance with rigorous EU standards. You’ll find the manufacturing date (d/m/y) located in the “Ch…” code on the bottom of every bottle of Dark Matter Pro.

  • Shake the bottle vigorously for 2 minutes before first use. Open the bottle and apply a single drop of Dark Matter Pro onto silicone or foil. Do not apply on plastic, paper, tape, or jade stone as these surfaces may react to the adhesive. Allow the glue dot to sit for 5 minutes before you start working with it. If you prefer to use a plastic glue ring, take care to securely cover it with aluminium foil before adding your Dark Matter Pro glue dot.
  • When you begin lashing, work from the middle of the glue dot, using a scooping technique to extract a bubble of adhesive and apply it to the root of the lash extension.
  • If you use the pinching or finger roll methods to create volume fans, take care not to use hand sanitisers with high alcohol content and do not use regular primers and glue accelerators as their main active ingredient is alcohol. Contact with alcohol will negatively affect Dark Matter Pro’s lash retention in the same way that contact with oil negatively affects regular lash adhesives.
  • Instead, opt for alcohol-free hand sanitiser and use only Ruthie Belle’s Adhesive Superdry as a primer/adhesive accelerator. Adhesive Superdry has an alcohol content that is several times lower than typical adhesive accelerators and is formulated specifically for Dark Matter Pro (it works with other lash adhesives, too).
  • Don’t worry about replacing your glue drop, even if it begins to dry out from the outer edge. One Dark Matter Pro glue dot can be used for up to 5 hours! Replace with a fresh dot only when the texture of the adhesive becomes stringy.

*Attention: Dark Matter Pro is not compatible with Prolong lash cleanser because of its high alcohol content. Contact with alcohol negatively affects Dark Matter Pro’s lash retention the same way that contact with oil will negatively affect regular lash adhesives.

How to store Dark Matter Pro?
Store your Dark Matter Pro in a cool, dark place, preferably under 25°C (77°F). Unopened bottles can be kept on the middle shelf of the refrigerator. To start using a refrigerated bottle of Dark Matter Pro, keep it on the counter at room temperature for 30 minutes, and shake well for 2 minutes before first use. An opened bottle of Dark Matter Pro should never be stored in the refrigerator to avoid condensed water from developing inside the bottle and beginning the glue’s curing process. When stored correctly, Dark Matter Pro will stay fresh for up to 6 months unopened, and up to 3 months after opening.

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