Adhesive Nozzle Wipes$14.95 AUD

$14.95 AUD

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200 pcs Lint Free Adhesive Nozzle Wipes

This product can assist you in keeping your glue nozzle clean at all times, providing you with the following advantages:

  • Improved Retention.
  • Your bottle will remain sealed at all times.
  • The bottle may not close properly if the glue nozzle is unclean. This will keep air from getting into the bottle, preventing the glue from going bad.

When shaking your glue, don’t forget to use the wipe – just unscrew the cap, position the wipe folded in half over the glue nozzle, push firmly, and shake for the time specified. This simple method will keep the glue from getting into the cap and the cap from sticking to the glue nozzle.

How to use the wipes:

  1. Take the glue wipe from the box and fold it in half
  2. Open the glue and use the wipe to cover the nozzle tip
  3. Shake your glue bottle. Make sure that the nozzle is tightly covered with the wipe to avoid any glue from spilling.
  4. Dispense the glue onto the Glue stone or into the Glue Ring and wipe the glue nozzle right away before putting the slide back on. Also, make sure to burp your adhesive as you wipe the nozzle to prevent the air from getting in.

Product Details

  • 200 wipes in the box
  • Lint-free


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