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Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Room temperature: 18-22°C (64.4 – 71.6°F)
Room humidity: 45-60%
Drying time: 1-2 seconds
Viscosity: medium

– first CLEAR GLUE for eyelash extensions applications in London Lash glue collection!
– Clear colour (no carbon black) – can be a great alternative for sensitive clients
– Syrup-like texture
– Perfect for both classic and volume lashes
– Ideal for coloured lashes, brown lashes and lash art
– Up to 6 weeks retention

How to get the best retention using Crystal Bond?

The best temperature for Crystal Bond glue is 18-22°C with perfect humidity conditions being 45-60%. Please remember that if your:

  • Temperature is lower than 18°C, Crystal Bond may be drying slower
  • Temperature is higher than 22°C, Crystal Bond may be drying quicker
  • Humidity is lower than 45%, Crystal Bond may be drying slower
  • Humidity is higher than 60%, Crystal Bond may be drying quicker


Working in the perfect conditions for your glue will ensure its drying time is on point, resulting in great retention. To control your room conditions, we recommend using a  hygrometer to check if your conditions are right. The easiest way to adjust the temperature in your lash room is to use AC, fan or heating, and to increase or decrease the humidity, use a humidifier or dehumidifier.
Your retention may also be affected by how fresh your adhesive is, but also by how you use and store your glue. The shelf life of Royal Bond before opening is 6 months from the date of production. This can be found printed on the bottom of the bottle. After opening, we recommend changing your glue bottle every 4 weeks for the best retention, and maximum every 8 weeks.

Please remember to store your glue in a standing position, in the dry place, away from direct sunlight, ideally in an airtight container. To keep an eye on the freshness of your glue, simply stick a piece of tape with a written date when you opened your glue. When shaking the glue, remove the lid and cover the nozzle with tin foil or wax strip. Remember to wipe the nozzle after every use of the glue.

For more glue tips and tricks visit our FAQs.

The glue for eyelash extensions is for professional use only.

This product is:
– Latex-free
– Formaldehyde-free
– Oil resistant
– Water-resistant
– Humidity resistant
– Heat resistant


MSDS for Crystal Clear Glue available to download here


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