Ceramic Lash Palette / Tile$41.95 AUD

$41.95 AUD

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Ceramic Lash Palette/Tile

You’ve no doubt tried numerous application techniques and realized that plastic stands, silicone pads and even your hands don’t offer a quick and comfortable means of application!

– the most practical, working lash stand to ever hit the market!

– store and organise your lashes for quicker and easier application

– Ceramic Lash Palette is a certified, unique eyelash extension stand

– developed by a professional Eyelash technician looking to overcome the frustrations of traditional application methods for over 4 years

– the stand meets European ceramic standards, and is produced by a European manufacturer

– a revolutionary invention to improve your ability to mix and match any curl and thickness

dimensions: 7.5*14.5 cm with an inch high platform promoting easy lash pick up

– holds up to 18 lash strips at a time, while accommodating 9 different lengths and 2 thickness/curls

– lash strips stick perfectly to the tile surface – you will never have to waste your time with any additional preparation again!

– our revolutionary tile offers convenient space for lash strips and room to manually record curl and thickness/curl information

– a permanent marker can be used to write down the custom mix on the tile’s surface

– easily relabel your stand simply by wiping away existing writing with acetone/alcohol!


Please note that lashes are sold separately.


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