Urban Air Mask 2.0 – AirinumFrom: $119.95 AUD

From: $119.95 AUD

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Airinum Mask

The Urban Air Mask 2.0 is a reusable and adjustable air mask that protects against air pollution, smog, pollen, allergies, and bacteria. The Urban Air Mask 2.0 is tested at RISE R&D center in Sweden and is KN95 certified, similar to an industrial N95 or FFP2 mask.

* The mask includes two valve stoppers to deactivate the valve caps and create a two-way filtration if needed.

The filter is tested in a world-class Swedish laboratory (RISE) with results showing 98% filtering efficiency against particles down to 0.3μm in size. The filter is tested and certified for standards that are similar to the American N95 (Test: GB2626 & Certification: KN95).

Core Features:

  • Certified filters for superior protection
  • Valves to exhale CO2 for easy breathing
  • Adjustable straps for superior comfort and secure fit
  • Replaceable filters and washable mask skin

Package Content:

  • Urban Air Mask Skin
  • 2 replaceable Urban Air Filters
  • Exhalation Valves
  • Exhalation Valve Stoppers
  • Head strap
  • Travel pouch

How long can I use one filter?
In the package, you get 2 changeable filters. Each filter lifetime depends on many factors such as the pollution in your surroundings. 1 filter last for about 100 hours. For example: If you are lashing 5 hours per business day, 1 filter is good for 20 days.

Can I wash the Mask Skin?
Yes, you can wash the mask skin by hand with soap or in the laundry machine under hand-wash mode and hang dry. Please make sure to not tumble dry the mask skin and to detach the filter and the valves before washing. Do not store it in a bag unless fully dried.

Can I return the mask?
Our mask is a hygiene product and can only be returned if unopened in the original packaging. To get the right size, please follow the size guide below.

If you have any other questions, please visit our support page or send us an email to support@poshdeluxe.com.au.

You can get your extra filters from here.

To find the correct size, we recommend you combine the two measurements below; the Weight Measurement and the Eye-Chin Distance Measurement.

(Available sizes at Posh Deluxe: Small, Medium & Large) – If your size is not available here, you can contact us at support@poshdeluxe.com.au so we can organise a special order for you.


The weight measurement is strongly correlated with the length and size of the face, making it a great measurement for mask sizing.


1. Use a weight scale to find your weight

2. Compare your weight to the table below to find your size

Recommended Size

Weight (KG)

Weight (LB)


12-30 kg

26-65 lb


30-50 kg

65-110 lb


50-75 kg

110-165 lb


Over 75 kg

Over 165 lb


The eye-chin distance measurement is a very accurate method for getting the correct mask size.


1. Use a ruler and measure the vertical distance between your lower eyelid and your chin

2. It can be helpful to do this in front of a mirror or with the help of a friend. It’s also helpful to use a book.

3. Compare your measurement to the table below to find your recommended size.

Recommended Size

Eye-Chin Distance (cm)

Eye-Chin Distance (inches)


Less than 8.5 cm

Less than 3.3 IN


8.6-10.5 cm

3.4-4.1 IN


10.6-11.7 cm

4.2-4.6 IN


Over 11.8 cm

Over 4.7 IN

If you get different recommendations from the 2 methods, follow the one from the Eye-Chin Distance measurement.

If your weight or eye-chin distance is on the borderline, pick the bigger one to ensure a better fit.

How do I know if the Urban Air mask fits me well?
Once you position the side with the nose foam formed over the bridge of your nose, a properly fitting mask should reach below your chin. If it does not comfortably reach below your chin, the mask is too small to get a good seal.
Designed in Sweden

Onyx Black, Pearl Pink


Large, Medium, Small


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