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Posh Deluxe Duo Isolation Tweezers$42.95 AUD

  1. All tweezers have been cleaned very well and will arrive at yours, nice and shiny!
  2. All tweezers have been hand-tested by Paola multiple times to give you an amazing peace of mind with every purchase!
  3. The duo isolation tweezers come is a nice white pouch so you can keep them properly and be able to bring them around.
  4. Photos are provided to show how to hold them properly.
  5. All tweezers are hand-made, so you have to find the right sweet spot for each one of them as they have some differences from each other.

In stock


2 elegant duo isolation tweezers, both coated with plasma gold for anti-rust!


The angled pair can also be used not only for isolation but also for classic lashing.

For Professional Use Only

Keep out of Reach of Children

Cleaning Method:
1. Remove adhesive from tweezers using a professional adhesive remover.
2. Wash tweezers with warm soapy water to remove body oils and dirt.
3. Completely submerge tweezers in a disinfectant solution for 5-10 minutes.
4. Remove the tweezers from the solution, wearing gloves, and rinse thoroughly with running water.
5. Properly store disinfected tweezers in a clean covered container.