Let’s talk about that L tip splashy and pointy volume tweezer!

Designed with a flawless narrow closed grip with the goal to easily pick up any volume of lashes.

This is created to comfortably facilitate lash technicians during treatment and make it less complicated with easy fanning. Volume Elite Tweezer Pro-01 Spike is the perfect fit for lash artists who are using angled tweezers. The primary goal of this jagged and spiky hand tool is to reduce pressure pick-up fatigue in hand and allowing you to have a clearer vision of your showpiece. Thus allowing you to perform a huge range of volume techniques. Don’t let anything ruin your art! Impress your customers by having no falling fans and give them a spikey lash experience.



How about craft like the stars on your mind with a crescent hand tool!

Particularly forged for curved tweezer users who love grasping wider fans, Volume Elite Tweezer Pro-02 Crescent grip allows you to angle your hands without any restrictions so you could finish your paragon effortlessly and beauty-lishly. Its sweet spot is as close as possible to the tip which provides more visual to your fans without breaking apart.

Smooth bends for a better visual and space to completely different ranges of volume techniques, this curvy and sonsy pincer will never let you down and will help you deliver a pleasing experience to your clients. It is also sourced with the high-grade, corrosion-resistant steel, making it suitable for all skill levels. With the help of this broad base, counter-balanced tip, and lightweight steel for corrosion resistance, both beginners and advanced technicians can now pull out their creativity without holding back.



In search of boot tweezers that truly understand your needs during the lash treatment?

Look nowhere as Volume Elite Tweezer Pro-03 Swan is here to save your day!

Fear not because this boot shape neck tweezer is precisely hand calibrated for easy comfort and visual performance. Great deal for all obstacles from fanning ultra-fine lashes to usual application-encountered problems, this handy tool can adapt a long-term work to establish fine processing and smoothing lining appearances. These high-precision pointed tweezers spread the natural lashes making it easier to separate and isolate the desired lash for application. It’s thicker grip allows you to grab from the top of your fan without losing any lashes but building such a beautiful pointy base. Another reason for boot tweezer users to love this pair. Get all points covered. Grab your fans anywhere and show your clients what you’ve really got!



Most curved volume tweezers in the lash market are more designed to create fluffy looking fans. You may create a narrow fan using curved tweezers but sometimes they take longer to create with curved tweezers.

Introducing the new Volume Elite Tweezer Pro-04 Arc! Your new Sexy BFF!

This arc-shaped pair is like our baby Pro-02 Crescent style. They may look similar but they create different Russian Volume Fans! Pro-04 Arc is designed specifically for curved tweezer users who cannot use other types (angled or boot) but wanting to create more narrow fans.

You’ll love this lash weapon for your lash competitions! They are amazing for creating neat sets, especially with its fine small tip – you can reach all-around your client’s eyes easily.



Introducing the new Volume Elite Tweezer Pro-05 Smile! The tweezers that won’t let you down and will keep that smile on your face! 🙂

Pick up wide volume fans easily with these highly robust curved volume tweezers. The tip has been specifically curved to grip a wide array of lash fans while reducing the pressure on your hands.

The Pro-05 is made for lash artists who like a wider volume fan. From natural to mega-volume effect, these pairs will make your lashing life more enjoyable and fast!

No more stressful lashing days because you deserve to SMILE every day! 😀

One of the HIGHEST QUALITY VOLUME TWEEZERS in the lash market.

Excellent for beginner or advanced lash artist.

Perfect manual sharpening by professionals for perfect edge closures.

Flawless grab to speed up your work! No more falling perfect fans!

Innovative unconventional shape to suit pinching points.

Smooth pressure pick-up reduces fatigue in hand while doing your amazing work.

Stylish satin finish for low-reflect effect.

Anti-Corrosive Tweezers

Polished work surfaces do not damage eyelashes and prevent glue adhesion.

Made with Medical-grade stainless steel

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