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Educating time!!!

I have this client who has been getting her lashes done with me for a year and a half now. She went for a nice holiday in this country (I don’t need to mention), and needed to get a refill so why not try others. And that is totally fine! You don’t want gappy lashes while you are on a holiday. So, she tried to get a refill there and when she got back home we did a removal right away. What happened?

Now, this is what they have done to my lovely client who has very sparse and very short lashes… They applied an 11mm to a 6mm to 7mm short natural lashes. 2D Classic lashes 0.15mm diameter (not volume lashes!) to make it look denser and applied some pre-made fans.

What are pre-made fans? They are applied like classic lashes 1:1. They either heat bonded or pre-glued together to make it to a volume fan and they are normally around 0.05mm to 0.10mm in diameter. I don’t have anything against this as there is always a room for pre-made fans in our industry, as long as they are applied properly… it’s all good to me.

The only thing that I do not like is, not many eyelash technicians are well educated to know the weight limit for the natural lashes. TOO HEAVY could cause huge damage to the natural lashes and hey!!!! It can possibly cause a permanent loss too.

She told me, at the end of the procedure they applied ADHESIVE on top of the extensions to make them last longer. (Oh Jeez… Help that lady whoever did this) Let’s do proper math… Heavy extensions + pre-glued extensions + you dip that into an adhesive (adding more glue weight) + MOOOOORE glue at the end = XXXXX

Not only that… that process would definitely hurt someone’s eyes. She cannot open her eyes for a good few minutes there as it was stinging like crazy.

She asked the tech, “so how long will it last?”. The girl answered, “2 months” – This means, your natural lashes that suppose to fall off NATURALLY won’t fall, it’s stuck there till the rest of the lashes that are bonded with it with adhesive falls.

What will happen to the other Natural Lashes? – Baby lashes will get pulled by the growing ones. Oldies that are supposed to fall naturally and grow a new one is stuck there giving more weight to the other lashes.

How much did she pay? Around $30 AUD for that infill service. Oh, wait!!! Her lashes also paid off the price with damages. Ohhhh and removal for an hour which cost another $40 and a new set $200. ooohhhh!!! Also a $120 to buy a new lash serum to fix the damages.

Is it worth it? And you know what… It’s not everyone’s fault. There is no one to blame for what has happened. My lovely client didn’t know they would do such work. And the eyelash technician has been taught by a trainer that, that’s how the process of eyelash extensions is.

Think twice.. or maybe thrice.. or maybe many times! Lesson learned. I hope this story will be a lesson to many of you.

PS my client’s lashes are now back to normal. She’s happy to share her story to warn others.

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