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A very interesting thing happened to me today. I went to see a specialist to test what is causing my blocked nose, sudden coughs and frequent sneezing. I have been experiencing this for about a year and a half now. A year and a half, since when I first started lashing. So I was blaming all these symptoms on the job that I love the most.
My husband has been telling me to go and see a specialist and I have always been so stubborn thinking that this is fine. It will go away later on. But it didn’t! So today is finally the day that I am seeing a specialist for my case and this is what we discovered.
I told my doctor that I am a lash artist and maybe the adhesive that I am using is causing these irritations. He doubts that I was reacting to it. I was advised that if I am allergic to it, I would have gotten much worse with my eyes (I am wearing extensions and I looked fine) and my skin that is always exposed to it as well, so it should be having some reactions too – but I am all fine.
He then asks me what are the things around me that I think would cause some allergies. I told him we have a dog; we have lots of plants at home; my lashing; dust or dirt. Then he starts doing the Allergy Skin Prick Test to detect immediate allergic reactions.
We waited for about 30 minutes, then 3 out of 24 got so itchy. As what it looks like in the photo, I look like I got bitten by an ant. That’s how my skin reacted. We found out that the causes of all these were trees and grass! I have always been okay for a good 5 years that I have been living in Perth, then I develop this type of allergy.
I have been advised to take injections every week for 21 weeks to lessen the symptoms and fix this a bit; or take antihistamines and nasal spray every day for now. I will think about it, but at least I have my options.
To our dear clients, please take note of this. We can develop allergies anytime. It might not be now, next day, next week, next month, next year, or the year after… We can never tell. This is something all of us lash technicians can never control. Even if we run a patch test on you, it will still not going to assure that you won’t be allergic to the products after the whole treatment. That is also why we do not refund any of our services due to an allergic reaction but we do offer a complimentary removal for you using the manual peeling method because we know that doctors won’t be able to remove the extensions themselves. If you do have an allergic reaction to anything at all, it’s always best to seek medical advice first.
-Paola Darcera-

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